Monday, December 24, 2012

Chloe's N1 Year End Report

I have posted on her first half year report here.

I also mentioned a few times how I like the two-way communication provided by the school.

Early this month, we attended the parents-teacher conference where the teachers updated us on her progress. Here are the reports presented by the teachers to us:



Chloe received pretty good comments from the teachers, I hope she keeps this up and continue to progress in the coming years, I also hope that she enjoys her pre-school as much as she can.

My son will be joining the school next month, I hope he does enjoy the school too :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brayden's Speech Development at 18 months

If you are following my blog, you will know that I seldom post the progress of my son, who is currently 2 years old.
My focus is mostly on my elder girl, who is 3 years old and who I thought is at the age of learning. But my son has always surprised me and proven to me that kids start learning from the day they are born.
This video was taken when he was 18 months old, for which he was able to recognise and tell the name of many animals.

My son started talking single words before he's turning one year old. He was able to say words like flower, fish, star, ball and many more after he's one year old. Obviously, he has earlier speech development than my elder girl. Many says that this is because he picked up the language from my girl, which might be true, but recently I realise that he knows some words that my girl doesn't know yet, example brinjal and broccoli, which he probably read it from his baby book.

I think the environment could have played a part on his progress. I have posted about the importance of books at home, for which I also mentioned that I keep books at home and in my car, so that the kids can read whenever they want to. My boy read pictorial books when he was few months old, he would read the book himself on his car seat when I fetch him home from the babysitter's house, the journey took about half an hour.

A picture of him reading in the car when he was 15 month old

Another video of him tested by his daddy on alphabets:

He probably picked the alphabets up from Leap Frog DVD.

Recently, he likes using the word "because", here's a little joke:
I saw my boy playing his grandmother's water bottle......
Me: Brayden, can you don't play Ma Ma's water bottle ("Ma Ma" is the Cantonese saying of grandmother).
Brayden: No, because my mother say(s) I can drink water.
Me: ??? Who is your mother?!
Brayden gave me a cheeky smile and replied "mummy".

Going forward, I have more concerns on his character than his learning development, intelligent kids are normally also the problematic kids, if no appropriate guidance are given, they might end up doing their academic poorly.

Chloe's Reading Progress at 3 years 9 months

I've previously posted on "How to encourage reading in young toddlers", for which I posted a video of her reading story book at the age of 35 months, one month before she turned into 3 years old.

If you're interested to find out how to cultivate the interest of reading in your children, do visit the post, for which I talked about the problems Chloe was facing and my methods helping her to befriend the books.

For this post, I would like to update on her reading progress. I'm surprised to see her reading this kind of books with small wordings:

She made a few mistakes in the reading, but I'm not too worry about it, my emphasis is still her interest in reading.

She will now dig the story books from the pile of books I prepared for her in our study room, and read them by herself. She will ask me if she faces any new words, for which I will read to her and explain if necessary. Sometimes, she will ask me about the story, like what happen to the "Gingerbreadman", why the fox is hiding behind the wall and etc. I will tell her to continue reading to find out the story herself.

I also see her doing role playing with her younger brother, example she would act as the "big bad wolf" and trying to catch her brother assuming the brother is the "little piggy". The story line will follow the story of "Three little pigs" but adapted a little bit by her.

Some points I would like to highlight here:
1) All kids like to read.
If you think your kid has no interest in reading, you're probably using the wrong way.

2) Do not force your kid to read.
Emphasis on getting their interest in reading especially in the early years.

3) Always make books available.
I have books not only at my home, but also in my car. My kids can read anytime anywhere as long as it does not affect their eyesight.

4) Let the kids choose their favourite books to read.
Every kid has different interest, example my 2 years old boy only read books with animals, others will not get his interest.

5) Do not explain every single word in the story.
Some parents like to explain the words, but this is very disturbing and will actually discourage the kids from reading.
Imagine if you are reading a newspaper, do you know all the words written on an article? I'm sure there will be some words which are not in your vocab but still you are able to understand the article. If someone were to explain all the words that he or she thinks you do not understand, do you still want to read the newspaper?

6) Do not 'read' the story to your kid in 'your own language'.
When you read to your kid, read the words in the book accordingly, some parents think that the kids might not be able to understand the sentences written on the book, and they changed the sentences to the ones that they think are easier to understand.
Example, instead of "the little piglet is so excited to see a table full of food", it is changed to "the little piglet is very happy when he see so many 'mum mum' on the table" (note: 'mum mum' is the baby language for food). 
What is wrong here? The parent has eliminated "excited" from the kid's words bank, and the baby language of 'mum mum' is something I really against of.

7) Have enough books collection at home
Books can be expensive if you were to buy all brand new from store. I collect all the used books from friends and relative, so that I have enough collection to arouse my kids' interest.
My books are normally scatter around the house after their reading (and playing), but I believe the situation will be improved from time to time.

I think Chloe should have no problem in reading English books independently. My next focus will be improving her Chinese reading. Let's hope it'll be as smooth as getting her to read English :)

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Class: Y for Yacht

Before I begin, I would like to highlight that the pronunciation of Yacht is "Yot", and not "Yucht", which is commonly mispronounced.

Didi joined us for this lesson, I must admit that it was difficult to handle both kids at the same time.

Both of them sang the greeting song to start the lesson.

We had a quick revision on the pictures done in the previous lesson. If you would like to download all the pictures spelled after A - Z, click here.

We listened to the phonics sound and song of letter Y, which went like this:
Yapping, yelling, y, y, y.....
y is the sound of Y! 

Didi was having fun singing the nursery rhyme.
I let her trace upper and lower case of letter Y on a worksheet I printed from the Internet.

I tried to let didi colour the worksheets that Chloe had done, so that he would not disturb the lesson.

She was able to finish 3 worksheets on letter Y.

I prompted her to spell "Yatch", but this is a difficult word. I changed to "Yarn" instead, which was easier for her.  For technique on prompting, you may refer here.

Didi snatched away the writing board and was playing with it afterwards.

The craft work for this lesson was to make a 'yacht'  from a Styrofoam, a stick, and some cut out triangles.

 Two of them happily decorating the 'yacht'.

The completed craft:

I placed the "yacht' on a pale of water, the kids were happy to see the 'yacht' made by them floating on the water.

The closing song was adapted from the nursery song of "Have you ever see a Lessie" by changing the word "Lessie" to "yellow yacht".

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The lesson plan:
1) Greeting Song, click here
2) Revise letter Y by showing kid the alphabet and the pictures done in first lesson for letter Y.
3) Kid listens to phonics sound and song of Y
4) Kid learns to write letter Y by completing the worksheets from
5) Prompting
6) Craft work
7) Summary
8) Closing song

Development age: 3 years 7 mths
(every kid learns on his or her own pace, this is just a milestone of my girl as a guideline)

I attended my phonics lesson for mummies here.

List of my fun classes:
1) A for Ant
2) A for Apple
3) B for Bubbles and Bear
4) C for Crocodile
5) C for Cake
6) D for Duck and Dog
7) E for Egg and Elephant
8) F for Frog
9) F for Fish
10) G for Goat
11) H for Horse
12) H for House
13) I for Insect
14) I for Indian
15) J for Jelly
16) J for Jack-in-the-box
17) K for Kettle
18) K for Kangaroo
19) L for lollipop
20) L for Leaf
21) M for Monkey
22) M for Mummy
23) N for Necklace
24) N for Net
25) O for Octopus
26) O for Orange
27) P for Potato
28) P for Pig
29) Q for Queen
30) Q for Quilt
31) R for Rabbit
32) R for Rainbow 
33) S for Snake
34) S for Star
35) T for Tiger
36) T for Tortoise
37) U for Up and Under 
38) U for Umbrella 
39) V for Vegetable 
40) V for Vase

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